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Jewelry Care

We currently offer beautiful and stylish fashion jewelry. Our jewelry is crafted with love using plated-base metals ranging from gold and silver plating to rhodium, 14K gold plating and sterling silver, semi-precious stones, glass, resin, zinc, and brass.

We sincerely hope you truly love your ZOASIS jewelry as much as we do. We want nothing more than for our jewelry to become staples in your wardrobe! However, fashion jewelry is not meant to be worn 24/7. To keep your jewelry pieces at their best, please give them occasional breaks and store them neatly when not in use. We also recommend the following to properly care for your jewelry:

  • Please make sure you keep your jewelry away from any liquid, perfume, body spray, lotion, sunscreen and hair spray. If you are mostly worried about your jewelry tarnishing, a great DIY way to help protect it is to go over any jewelry charms or thick chains with a thin coat of clear nail polish and/or varnishing spray.
  • Use a dry, soft cloth to clean your jewelry and/or remove tarnish and restore luster. Do not submerge your jewelry into dish or bathwater. Avoid wearing jewelry in the shower, pool, or ocean and while exercising. If you accidentally wear one of your jewelry pieces while bathing or washing your hands, please immediately remove the piece, lay it on a towel, blot any moisture away, and let it air dry. For your hair accessories, please use a cool hairdryer or a sticky sheet (lint remover) to remove any dust.
  • Do not use a jewelry cleaner, as your pieces may become damaged or discolored. If you wear lotion, you may notice a slight discoloration under your rings. It is a normal reaction, and it will not harm the rings or your skin.
  • Always store each ZOASIS jewelry piece separately, especially your bracelets. Store your jewelry in a cloth bag or mini sealable plastic bag away from natural sunlight and heat. We also recommend that you keep your jewelry in a place that is dark and cool and not exposed to air. If using a sealable plastic bag, please make sure you remove any air before sealing it. While traveling, carefully pack your jewelry and store it in carry-on luggage. Treat your ZOASIS jewelry with love and care, and it should last much longer!

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